Build a Pipeline of Skills

At EXPLORE we work with you to identify the Data skills you need. We then tailor make a Skills Programme that delivers the right quality and quantity of skills to your organization each year.

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Identify the Skills You Need

Work with us to find the gaps you have in your organization.

Tailor a Bespoke Programme

We'll build a tailored programme for you that fits the needs of your business.

Deliver Talent to You

We'll deliver a pipeline of talent into your business to enable you to thrive in the Digital Age.

We leverage your Learning and Development activities to optimize your spend

Case Studies

We worked with the largest fixed line operator in Africa to build a pipeline of talent for their organization while delivering valuable consulting services back to them and optimizing their BBBEE.

We partnered with a large Bank to build a tailored. Data Science Programme for top graduates that will feed into the bank's Data Science capability to deliver on the strategic imperatives set for it by the C-Suite.

Want To Find Out How We Can Build You A Pipeline Of Talent

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